Midseason Road Bumps

Midseason Road Bumps

By Davie Wong

After an exciting week where the Royals overcame their PACWEST rivals, the Capilano Blues, they faced another challenge in a double header vs the Quest Kermodes and the VIU Mariners. First up were the Kermodes. The last time the Royals took on the Kermodes, it resulted in an exciting 3-3 finish. This time round, the Royals were in Squamish looking for the 3 points.

Unfortunately, they got off on the wrong foot. Quest were a controlling force in the first half. At the 30th minute, their pressure was rewarded with a goal from defender Nick Glavas. The Kermodes would ride their 1-0 lead into halftime.

Coming back into the game, the Royals looked like a new team. They pressed a fearsome attack which normally would have cracked any defence. However, the Kermodes held strong, pushing back wave after wave of Royals. The result after 90 would be a hard earned 1-0 win for the Kermodes, and a tough loss for the Royals.

But time did not afford the opportunity to glum about. They needed to be sharp for their next opponent, the VIU Mariners. Playing back at Cunnings, the Royals had the home field advantage against the fearsome Mariners. However, just 20 minutes in, Victor Blasco blasted home a shot that gave the Mariners the 1-0 lead.

It would be a solid 50 minutes of play before another would be scored. Off of a free kick, the Royals found their equalizer off the foot of Eric Ray. They found their go ahead goal off a Quinn Dawson stunner. But the Mariners would not be held back. Shun Takano found the net just moments later to tie the game for the Mariners. Skip a few seconds later and you'd see Tomi Fagopngbe dribbling through three VIU defenders before ripping a shot into the top of the net.

Last but not least, VIU finished the game off with a messy goal scored by Govinda Innes off of a corner kick. The goal ended the frenzy of late game markers, and closed the match 3-3. The result brings the Royals' record to 1-2-2, with 5 points on the board, leaving them fourth in the PACWEST.

Be sure to catch the Royals on Saturday as they take on the Capilano Blues on Cunnings Field at 3:30 pm.